CupcakKe New Single “Mosh Pit” Skyrockets To #1 On iTunes

As an independent artist without a team, assistant, or a label backing her, CupcakKe has proved the haters wrong by collecting her second #1 on the United States iTunes song chart with latest drop “Mosh Pit”. 

After dropping “Mickey” last week, CupcakKe returned with her newest song, a bar for bar record accompanied by a stunning music video. “Mosh Pit” had help climbing the charts thanks to CupcakKe’s cash giveaway for fans around the world through her personal Twitter account. The selfless rapper gave thousands of dollars away online, later awarding $10,000 to a lucky fan. 

CupcakKe shared her reaction to “Mosh Pit” reaching #1 on Twitter,  “WOW! I’m beyond grateful.. thank you to everyone who made happen for me”. This is a huge moment for female rap, not many independent artists reach the charts, never mind secure a #1. Congratulations, we can’t wait to see what else is in store as summer approaches!

Watch the music video for the #1 song on iTunes currently below:

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