Asian Doll’s UK Clothing Line Collection With Body Bandage Out Now

Where my pretty girls at? Asian Doll drops early Christmas present for fans with the announcement of a clothing line collaboration with Body Bandage! Four exclusive pieces are available right now priced at $85, shop here.

Although all the drama unfolded the last two days, Asian Doll is directing her energy towards positive things, chasing the bag and letting the timeline breathe after all the chaos.

Some fans accused the rapper of using the drama as a marketing tactic… and if she did? Everyone uses drama to benefit. In the words of Jasmine Masters, “Nothing new, nothing changed. Same old shit.” Although we don’t think this is the case with our girl Asian Doll, the drama is how the industry stays afloat. Most people buy into it,  subconsciously or with intention. Either way, more exposure for a bomb ass collection. Eat it up!

Fans online couldn’t wait to get their hands on it, voicing their thoughts across Twitter, take a look.

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