Barbz Come To The Rescue After Nicki Minaj’s Private Number Leaks Online

If you’re familiar with Nicki Minaj’s fans, you know their behavior is always out of love! On Monday, Minaj’s loyal fanbase known as the Barbz came through to protect the new mother after a sketchy group chat somehow obtained her personal phone number, leading to dozens of random texts and calls blowing her up.

Despite removing herself from chats, the random numbers continued to add her in a game of cat and mouse. Minaj was added to a group chat called “MOM CLUB.” In a screenshot of the group that Nicki shared, one of the numbers say, “does this count as harassment?” another said, “nicki im so sorry.”

Nicki has been quiet for weeks, only celebrating anniversaries for her albums and updating her fans here and there as she deals with the wonders of motherhood. It’s clear Minaj doesn’t have time for the drama, but the Barbz do.

The quickly deleted post stated “Barbz, have no mercy”, giving the green light for her legion of Barbz to defend her. In the following hours, a digital attack went down in the kingdom to get behind why someone would go to such lengths to harass Minaj, take a look. 

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