Blac Chyna Drops Music Video For “DOOM” With Asian Doll

The newest female rap collaboration has just dropped with Blac Chyna and Asian Doll, watch their fun and girly new music video below.

In the video, both stars flaunt their famous curves around expensive cars with a group of girls hyping the duo in the background. In another scene, Blac Chyna puts on her safety goggles and plays the role of a science professor while she waves lab beakers in front of the camera. Both look absolutely stunning for the video, but that’s no surprise. 

While on The Wendy Williams Show, Blac Chyna sat down with Wendy to discuss the direction for her new video. She explains she wanted the direction of the music video to be fun, girly, and bright, pushing away from the sexualness promoted in most videos today. Over video call on the show, Blac Chyna says, “I feel like a lot of times like the music videos be too sexy or too much.” 

Fans online couldn’t help but share their thoughts on “DOOM” across social media, here are a few reactions to the track and video on Twitter.