Cardi B Delivering 2021 Fortunes For Fans

After the absolute chaos 2020 has conjured, Cardi B will be delivering 2021 fortunes in a new partnership with Instagram!

Under new Instagram handle, fans will have the opportunity to DM the account to receive words of wisdom. After receiving a reading from Cardi, you’ll have the option to share the message with friends and more.

Taking on the area of astrology is just one of many new journeys the rapper is tackled this year. Cardi’s show debut for her new Facebook Messenger Watch series CardiTries was just announced last week, garnering 4 million people witnessing the rap star attempt ballet.

Get ready! The rap star will be helping fans manifest on the astrology account from Saturday, December 26th until January 2nd.

Are you going to catch a reading from Cardi B? Let us know at @girlsinrap on Twitter or Instagram to join the conversation and follow us to stay updated on your favorite female rappers. 

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