Cardi B Takes On Ballet In New Facebook Series Called CardiTries

Get ready for some new Cardi B every Thursday through her newly announced series titled Cardi Tries! The rapper has launched her very own video series exclusively on Facebook’s Messenger app, starting now and ending on February 4th. Watch it all go down below!

In each episode, Cardi attempts something new outside her comfort zone, whether it is teaching preschoolers, stunt car driving, firefighting, or even being taught ballet by world renowned choreographer Debbie Allen. Like always, Cardi’s unique humor takes over and makes us smile as we watch the rapper rush to meet Debbie in the ballet room. At one point, Allen asks Cardi if she’s ever done ballet before. “Well, I used to be a stripper,” Cardi replies. 

Fans online couldn’t get enough of the series, now reaching over one million views in less than eight hours of being made available. Here’s a couple reactions from fans online after seeing the rapper hit the ballet room!

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