Chika Returns To Social Media After Retirement Announcement

Just when we thought we’ve might’ve lost underrated female rapper Chika to social media’s toxicity, she has returned to Twitter with a series of tweets!

On the 14th, Chika shared the news she planned to retire from making music to preserve her mental health after an onslaught of unnecessary online hate. Forward five days ahead, the Alabama native returns with a new message to assure fans she’s in a better place, “I am alive. I am okay. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to check in. It’s been a very intense week.” She continues, “I’m not retiring. After what I’ve endured in the past few days, I’m not ever allowing anything to stop me or almost take me from this ghetto a** earth.” It’s safe to say Chika is not allowing anyone to take advantage of her happiness, especially through social media. 

In her next tweet, Chika thanks Cardi B for reaching out to her after describing the mental toll being in the music industry has taken on her. “Thank you Cardi B for reaching out & showing such kindness to me in a time I don’t even think you knew was as serious as it was. You’ve always shown love to me & don’t think I could take that for granted,” she says. 

Although Chika returned with a personal message for the people concerned about her, she still plans on stepping back from social media for the time being, “whether that means silence or just having someone else post for me.”

Above all, Chika continues to prove she’s a rising star as she breaks out into the mainstream, we are confident she’ll prove her haters wrong each time she gets! 

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