CupcakKe Drops Lyric Heavy Remix To “Back In Blood”

The Chicago MC is back in full form! CupcakKe’s new remix to “Back In Blood” is officially out now, listen below.

This marks CupcakKe’s first release of the new year, promising fans on Twitter “it’s over after I drop this bro”. Produced by YC with the well-known hypnotic beat, CupcakKe switches flows effortlessly with clever and witty bars surrounding current pop culture references with a voice that roars of ferocity on the hook and simmers down to flex a strong prowess in each verse. On Twitter, she let fans know the process of creating the song. The Chicago rapper shared it “took 3 hours of recording” when she is “use to recording in the studio for 45 mins”.

Despite her consistency with music, the Chicago native remains criminally slept-on. CupcakKe’s pen game is famously versatile, each year her filthiest rhymes reach new levels of creativity. She’s not just good, she’s game-changing. CupcakKe is more than just a meme or a really great diss track; with every month that passes, she proves herself as one of the most underrated female rap artists we have in the game.

Fans online couldn’t help but share their excitement for the new track, take a look!