Doja Cat’s Song “Streets” Continues To Soar In Popularity

So far, 2021 is looking like another groundbreaking year for Doja Cat. 

As she prepares for her upcoming project rumored to drop in February, a certain underrated song from her sophomore album “Hot Pink” has begun gaining traction. Despite being released in 2019, Doja’s rap ballad “Streets” has seen an increase across the charts thanks to TikTok users uncovering the song.

Back in late December, Doja Cat released numerous performances as a gift for the continuous support from her fanbase. “Streets” began climbing in popularity shortly after TikTok users got their hands on the six videos, which include two versions of “Streets”. As a result, the song instantly blew up across the platform with thousands and thousands of people finally discovering the underrated gem. In one video with over 600K likes, a user writes in the comments “this verse is better than the whole drivers license song”. In another viral post on TikTok, a user writes “Where has the song been all my life? Can’t escape this talented woman!” 

For the past week, Doja’s song has slowly inched its way up the charts, outpacing new releases with ease. Back on the 10th of January, “Streets” reached a new peak on Apple Music in the US at #106, a huge accomplishment for a song released over two years ago! At one point, the song even surpassed her newest release with Saweetie on “Best Friend”, peaking at #33 on the platform. As of right now, the song is currently the third highest-charting song by a female rapper at #17 behind the remix for “34+35” and “Cry Baby”. 

On YouTube, “Streets” debuts for the first time on the songs chart at #20 with over 3.51M views, the 6th highest-charting song by a female rapper on the platform. With Spotify, throughout the week the song has continuously managed to reach new peaks on the platform globally. “Streets” is averaging around 1M streams, inching for 50M by the end of this week. 

“Streets” is expected to chart for the first time on the Billboard Hot 100, leaving Doja Cat with three songs charting simultaneously to start off the new year! In the UK, Doja’s “Streets” has already reached a new peak at #59 on their singles chart, impressive for a 2019 release if you ask us.

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