Feud Between Asian Doll, City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion: Full Timeline

During the last 24 hours, a rap feud has boiled over between Asian Doll and JT from the City Girls, leading to a response from Megan Thee Stallion and more. We’re here to break it all down for you. 

Things have become extremely chaotic on Twitter, stemming from tension snowballing after Asian Doll played her unreleased verse from Megan’s song “Do It On The Tip” on Instagram live. As she rapped along, Asian Doll casually explained she was originally supposed to be on the album version but wasn’t sure what happened. After the live on Instagram, it seemed there was no tension. Little did we know that a female rap brawl was on the horizon. 

Here’s a complete timeline of what went down on Twitter: 

On December 19th, Asian Doll plays scrapped verse on Instagram live of “Do It On The Tip”, a song that now features the female rap group, City Girls: 

After her Instagram live, Asian Doll clarifies there is no beef between her and Megan Thee Stallion on Twitter:  

Shortly after, JT is accused of shading Asian Doll on Twitter for playing the unreleased verse, but Asian Doll clarifies there are no hard feelings between either of them: 

On December 20th, the drama escalated to new heights as JT and Asian Doll go for each other’s throats in a series of tweets:

Tension continues between the rappers, Asian Doll claiming City Girls are tied into a 360 music deal. Also taking to the platform to share that Lil Uzi does not truly like JT:

Amidst all the drama centering around Megan’s “Do It On The Tip”, she finally addresses the situation in a series of tweets, stating she hates that this situation got to where it did:

Once Asian Doll noticed a response from Megan, she shares her feelings towards how the situation was handled overall: 

After all the tweeting, JT hops on Instagram live to address the situation and defend her name against Asian Doll: 

Asian Doll follows suit, broadcasting live to thousands of viewers on her overall thoughts towards the beef:

A couple of hours passed, JT deactivates her Twitter account following the tension: 

Early morning on December 21st, Yung Miami from the City Girls addresses Asian Doll with a series of tweets: 

WHEW! As of right now, you are completely caught up with everything! (We will keep updating the timeline when needed)

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  1. I think all yall should stop this mess and stop having beef with each other watch one-day yall will end up making a song together yall are all beautiful black-grown women this is not acceptable. And im not telling yall that to do but I’m telling you what’s best.!

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