Iggy Azalea Drops New Video Taste Testing Candy Canes

If you need another reason to absolutely adore our girl Iggy Azalea, here’s another one just in time for the holiday season. The rapper has just uploaded a 15 minute vlog on her Youtube channel where she tastes weird candy cane flavors like pickles, fruit loops, pizza and Hot Tamales. Watch here: 

Iggy shares that Christmas has changed a lot since she was a kid, leading her to create this insanely fun and light video for the holidays! When you hear Iggy Azalea is dropping, most would expect she’s dropping a new rap video but today, we got a new side of Iggy. If you needed help spicing up your candy selection this season, she’s got you covered. 

To start off, Iggy tries her first weird candy cane flavor, that being a Hot Tamale version of course! To describe the flavor Azalea states, “It’s not disgusting, it taste like I’m licking a candle.” She later rates the candy cane being a 6/10, for those of you interested in experiencing for yourself. 

The flavor we were most interested in was the nerd flavored candy canes, Iggy later proving them to be worse than the Hot Tamale flavor shockingly. In the video, Iggy’s quirky and fun personality easily shines through as she rates each piece of candy. So happy our girl took the time to take the heat for these odd flavors!

Fans online couldn’t get enough of Iggy’s hilarious commentary, blowing up social media platforms with their responses. Iggy noticed and gracefully took the time to respond to some fans, here’s a look. 

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