Nicki Minaj Crowned Most Streamed Female Rapper On Deezer

There will never be another year quite like 2020, especially when it comes to the music generated by the female rap game this year. Despite all the havoc and hardships faced, a certain female rapper has had no problem reigning supreme with her accomplishments and accolades. 

Deezer has officially crowned rap mogul Nicki Minaj as their most streamed female rapper on their streaming platform, take a look below. 

More streaming platforms have crowned Minaj as their most streamed female rapper as well. The numbers show that on Youtube, Spotify and Tidal, Nicki had the lead among the competition. The year 2020 has been quite an amazing one for Nicki Minaj. The rapper made her marriage official, gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, and scored her first two #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with Doja Cat on “Say So” and 6ix9ine on “Trollz”. We are with the Barbz when we say we can’t wait to see what 2021 has to offer for Minaj, as she hints new music and projects like her confirmed docuseries partnership with HBO Max. 

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