Nicki Minaj Is Now The Most Viewed Female Artist In YouTube History

Female Rap Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has just made YouTube history thanks to her loyal fan base known as the Barbz. The rapper has managed to accumulate more than 24B views on the platform across all official videos; including features, helping her surpass no other than Rihanna.


Back in February, we reported that Nicki Minaj was nearly 200M views away from taking the crown from Rihanna. By March, the rap mogul was only 50M views away. As we enter the ending of April, Minaj finally makes YouTube history with over 24.1B views and counting. Her smash hit with Karol G on “Tusa” and some of her classic hits like “Side To Side” with Ariana Grande and “Swalla” with Jason Derulo propelled the artist to the first position.

Nicki isn’t a stranger to achieving big things on the platform. In 2012, “Stupid Hoe” became one of the first Vevo music videos to receive a significant amount of media attention upon its release day, during which it accumulated 4.8 million views. The record has consistently been kept track of by Vevo ever since. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are the only artists to break the record more than three times. As of right now, Nicki currently has 4 music videos with over 1B views, 11 with 500M, 29 with 200M, 53 with 100M and 75 with over 50M views on YouTube. Talk about impressive.

As Nicki would say it, she leads the pack and her backs to them!

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  1. OUR QUEEN😍😍 11 Years into your career and still making ground breaking accomplishments !!

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