Saucy Santana Drops The “It’s A Vibe” Music Video With Dream Doll And LightSkinKeisha

Ready for the good vibes? The official music video for Saucy Santana’s highly anticipated “It’s a Vibe” has dropped on YouTube with Dream Doll and LightSkinKeisha, watch below. 

In the video, each artist is dripped down in the most luxurious fashion while they play a special game of Monopoly. Santana has the first play, transporting him to a room filled with snow. Every play on the game board lands each rap artist into a new scene of the video. Dream Doll begins her verse in a pool of black and white pill capsules with a custom pink fit on. Next comes our girl LightSkinKeisha, rocking a purple dress while she plays with chemicals in the lab.

Fans shared their reactions to the new visuals across social media platforms, here are a few from Twitter!

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