Yung Baby Tate’s EP After The Rain Reaches 1M Streams On Spotify

Congratulations to Yung Baby Tate! Her beautifully constructed EP packed with sharp bars titled After The Rain hits 1 million streams on Spotify exactly one month after it’s release. 

The underrated and multi-talented rapper was ecstatic to share her latest accomplishment across social media platforms. On Instagram, Yung Baby Tate thanks fans for their loyalty and support while taking pride in receiving the milestone so fast. “This is my first time accomplishing this so quickly & I’m so grateful to everyone who pressed play!” Each milestone matters, especially with a constantly changing music industry to adapt to for female rappers. 

Later on in the day, the rapper took to Twitter to continue her celebration for the project by vibing to “Bounce”. 

2020 was an amazing year for our girl Yung Baby Tate, making us more excited for what’s to come. The rapper recently hinted at a deluxe version of her latest EP, replying to a fan on Twitter who asked about getting vinyls for the project. 

Have you listened to After Rain? It’s worth the emotional storm, check it out below!

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