Kash Doll Announces New Music On The Way

While Kash Doll continues to become a natural on camera for Fox’s hit series “Empire”, the rapper is also gearing up to release new music for fans!

On the 25th of April, the “Ice Me Out” rapper took to Twitter with a quick message about dropping two brand new singles that she’s overly excited about! “I’m so happy foe y’all to hear my first single but the second oneee”. This would mark Kash Doll’s very first release of the year, following “Bossa Nova” with Tee Grizzley back in 2020. 

Although most fans couldn’t wait to show their love and support for Kash on Twitter, many were skeptical about her return to music after sharing she was done creating songs back in June of last year.

Either way, if all fails, Kash Doll branching out into acting on Fox is a serious boss move for her brand. We can’t wait to see what Kash Doll brings to the table as more and more female rappers continue to reach new heights in this male-dominated genre! Although no official release date mentioned, expect Kash Doll’s next two singles very soon!

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